Welcome back to our money saving series.

This month we focus on how to maximise your boiler’s efficiency to reduce monthly energy bills. 

On the run-up to Christmas, it is more important than ever that we try to save where and when we can.

Improving the efficiency of your boiler provides more than just financial benefits – It can also improve home living conditions. An inefficient boiler can mean higher energy bills, lukewarm radiators, and a heating system that never quite works properly. Whereas, a highly efficient boiler heats your home instantly, making your home feel more comfortable. In addition – the stress of a potential breakdown is reduced and heat is retained in your home for a longer period.

All boilers have energy ratings from A-G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. Modern condensing boilers are Grade A rated and therefore 90%+ efficient. Meaning, for every £1 spent, only 10p of energy is wasted.

Whereas the older your boiler is, the less efficient it is. Generally, 15+ year old boilers are 80-85% efficient and rated Grade C. Meaning, for every £1 spent, 15-20p is wasted – This all adds up, especially with the rising costs surrounding us, every penny counts.

Boiler Energy Efficiency Ratings. A = 90% and above B = 86-90% C = 82-86% D = 78-82% E = 74-78% F = 70-74% G = Below 70%

So, what can you do to improve your boiler’s efficiency and save money?

Below we have listed our top energy saving tips you can implement in your home to maintain your boiler’s efficiency and reduce your energy bills.

1. Adjust the temperature of your home 

Controlling your home’s thermostat is one of the simplest ways to take control of your energy usage.


It is recommended by The Energy Saving Trust (EST) you should set your thermostat to the lowest comfortable temperature, around 18-21°C.  Moreover, The EST stated you can save  £80 per year by turning down your home’s thermostat by just one degree. 

2. Take control of your heating 

Control your heating to fit your lifestyle needs, for example, only have the heating on when  you are in your home.


Wi-Fi heating controls have superior energy saving features which provide options to create a heating schedule, adjust the temperature of your home, set eco mode, and more – and all of this can be done remotely from an app on your mobile phone!

3. Insulate, Insulate and Insulate

Fit foam tubes around pipes to keep your water warmer for longer and reduce heat loss, and the same goes for your water cylinder.


Insulation decreases the transfer of heat and allows water in pipes to flow properly, which can prevent the risk of your boiler breaking down.


For further insulation measures, you can insulate your loft with Refresh NI to help keep the heat inside your home for longer.

4. Book an annual boiler service with Refresh NI 

An annual boiler service helps maintain your boiler and keep it in peak operating condition, as minor faults can be identified before they become a major issues.


Identify your boiler faults and maintain the condition of your boiler with Refresh NI. Book your £45 boiler service, carried out by our Gas Safe Registered Engineers with Refresh NI.

5. Look after your boiler and it will look after you

These three steps can help maintain the functionality and efficiency of your boiler.

Step 1 – Check your boiler’s pressure gauge is between 1 and 1.5 bar. As if it is too low, you may receive high energy bills due to inefficiency. However, if pressure is too high, faults may develop.

Step 2 – Bleed your radiators to remove air bubbles which can prevent warm water from circulating your radiator. Your home will heat up quickly as cold spots are removed.

Step 3 – Book a system power flush to improve water circulation allowing radiators to heat up quicker and reduce the risk of breakdowns as rust and sediment is flushed out.

6. Upgrade your old boiler with a new Grade A rated boiler

If you have an old inefficient boiler, it may be time to upgrade to a brand new Grade A Combi Natural Gas Boiler which is 90% efficient.

Refresh NI can complete Oil to Gas or Gas to Gas conversions in just one day. Therefore, you will receive instant heat and hot water when our install team leaves your property the same day.


We understand this process can be costly. However, there are grants available and Refresh NI also offers finance options to help spread payment costs and make this process more affordable for homeowners across Northern Ireland.

7. If all else fails, get in contact with us

Do you want to receive expert advice and guidance? Get in touch with us to book a free no obligation survey from one of our experts. 


Call 02890993485 or Email info@refreshni.com to book today. 

Boiler Tips to maximise your boilers efficiency and reduce monthly energy bills </p>
<p>1. Adjust your property's thermostat.<br />
2. Check your pressure gauge.<br />
3. Schedule when and  how long your heating is on for.<br />
4. Bleed your radiator.<br />
5. Insulate, Insulate and Insulate.<br />
6. Get your boiler serviced.<br />
7. Upgrade to a new Grade A efficient boiler.

Hopefully, you found our tips insightful and inspire you to make simple changes to improve your boiler’s efficiency and as a result, reduce monthly energy bills. 

Moreover, if you have any other boiler efficiency tips, feel free to share them in the comments section. 

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