Refresh NI received an ‘Excellent’ rating from 95% of customers and a ‘Good’ rating from 5% in a recent NISEP Efficiency Plus Scheme audit.

Refresh has achieved 100% customer satisfaction during a recent quality management audit after completing the initial 25 installations under the 2023/24 NISEP Efficiency Plus Scheme. A total of 24 customers rated their experience as ‘Excellent’, while 1 rated their experience as ‘Good’. The audit aimed to measure customer satisfaction with the scheme and installation and gather feedback to identify any issues. The results of this audit showed that no remedial actions were necessary as a result of the completed work.

Refresh NI is a proud managing agent for the Phoenix Energy 2023/24 NISEP Scheme. The Efficiency Plus program provides financial support to homeowners who are making energy-efficient home improvements, such as the installation of a gas heating and home insulation. This scheme is designed to help homeowners make their homes more environmentally friendly by reducing carbon emissions while contributing to Northern Ireland’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

More information on the 2023/24 NISEP Schemes including eligibility criteria and application information can be found here.