Oil To Gas Conversion

Convert From Oil To Natural Gas With Refresh NI

Refresh NI can convert your home from oil heating to natural gas in just one day.


Oil heating can be inconvenient and high maintenance. However, once you convert to natural gas you will receive many amazing benefits, such as instant heat and hot water.

Why Convert To Gas Heating?

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Future Proof

Modern gas boilers are ‘alternative fuel ready‘ meaning they will be compatible with all renewable fuel sources added to the gas network in the future, as Northern Ireland transitions towards net zero.

Instant Heat & Hot Water

A gas heating system gives you access to instant heat and hot water. Radiators heat up quickly, while hot water is always available on demand.

Reduce Carbon

Gas remains the cleanest fossil fuel for heating your home. Making the switch to gas from other fuel sources such as oil or LPG will reduce your carbon footprint by up to 50%.

Grants Available

As Northern Ireland transitions towards a net zero future, grant funding is available to help make local homes more energy efficient. We are an official installer for grants under NISEP. Find out more here.

Never Run Out

The gas supply is always open and running to your home, so you never have to worry about running out or placing large and costly fuel orders.

No Hot Water Tank

With access to instant hot water from your gas heating system, there is no need for a bulky hot water tank in your home.

More Efficient

Gas boilers operate at over 90% efficiency, therefore reducing the amount of energy you use and helping you save money on your bills.

Flexible Payments

With gas heating, you can choose to pay how best suits you and your lifestyle. Opt to go pay-as-you-go or in monthly or quarterly installments.

What Makes Us A Trusted & Recommended Installer?





Thank you, Refresh NI, for the wonderful work and professionalism in carrying out the job. Everyone was aware they were working in a living home and going above and beyond to ensure comfort with the work they carried out. Thanks for the effort. I am very happy with the service.


Gas Conversion Customer

We went from oil to gas. Pippa called out done a quick survey on my property and recommended what options were best. The guys were in and out in one day. Clean job, looking forward to a warm house this winter. Thank you, Refresh team for such a smooth and easy transformation on my home.

Gas Conversion Customer

I truly can’t rate this company high enough and I thank them whole heartedly for their help, they went above and beyond to install my new system in super fast time. Every single person was friendly, caring and professional, I sincerely appreciate them all. Thank you Refresh NI!

Gas Conversion Customer

We are proud to be rated 4.9 / 5 on Google by our customers.

Gas Conversion FAQ’s

Is it worth converting to gas?

Converting to a gas heating system from oil or LPG can have many benefits including saving your energy consumption, reducing your monthly bills and future-proofing your home.

Modern gas boilers are highly efficient, operating at over 90% efficiency, therefore you will use less energy when heating your home and hot water. In turn, this will help reduce your energy bills.  

Gas boilers are also compatible with alternative fuel sources. This means that when renewable energy is introduced to the Northern Ireland gas network your boiler will be equipped to handle the change. 

How much does it cost to convert to gas?

The cost to convert to gas is dependant on the size and requirements of your home. Before installation, our team will carry out a free, no-obligation survey to provide you with a bespoke cost. Arrange a free survey by contacting us today.

We also offer flexible finance options on gas conversions, find out more about our finance options here.

Grant funding is available, under the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme. Find out more about means-tested grant funding here.

Will having gas improve my EPC rating?

Converting from oil to natural gas will improve your home’s energy efficiency, often resulting in an improvement in your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

Often, mortgage lenders offer preferential rates to homeowners whose homes have the highest EPC ratings.

Will having gas save me money on my energy bills?

Like all energy prices, gas tariffs can fluctuate. However, a new gas boiler operates at over 90% efficiency and therefore requires less energy to heat your home and hot water, helping to save money on your monthly energy bills. 

Is gas convenient?

Gas is the most convenient home heat fuel source, with access to instant heat and hot water at all times.

Having a gas boiler means you don’t have to worry about pre-heating water for showers and dishes, instead enjoy the convenience of having access to hot water at all times. 

How long does it take to install a gas boiler?

Refresh NI can replace your old, inefficient heating system in just ONE DAY.

Our highly efficient boiler installation team works collaboratively and effectively to get the installation completed in a timely manner. Each member of the boiler replacement team has their own dedicated role, meaning each part of the installation will be completed to the highest standards.

Our team will arrive at your property and leave the same evening with the job done. Providing you with a new Grade A energy-efficient boiler and a continuous supply of heat and hot water.

Are gas boilers safe?

Yes. However, it is vitally important to have your boiler replaced and serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. All Refresh NI gas engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

If left unchecked gas boilers can result in carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, and even explosions. Therefore, it is important to service your boiler on an annual basis.

Keep Your Boiler Gas Safe

Book your next boiler service for just £50

Once you convert your property from oil to natural gas, it is strongly advised that you have your boiler serviced on an annual basis to ensure it is operating correctly, safe for use and to maintain the boiler warranty.

Refresh NI service natural gas boilers throughout Northern Ireland for £50.

Boiler Service £50