How to save money on your monthly energy bills: Bathroom Edition.

Welcome back to the second part of our money-saving series.

Today, we are focusing on the room that tends to be the smallest in many homes but consumes a large sum of energy daily, the bathroom.

We want to help as many homeowners save where they can, by making informed energy efficient decisions, and reducing monthly energy costs. According to The Consumer Council’s recent survey, 99% of adults in Northern Ireland are concerned about home energy prices.

We aim in our new blog series, to share the many ways you can save on your monthly energy bills which are both practical and inexpensive to implement.

how to save money in the bathroom

Small changes make big savings.

Starting simple, turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth, or washing your hands or face. Moreover, use the cold water tap when possible to avoid unnecessarily heating water. As heating water makes up around 28%  of your home heating bill. Sticking with taps, fix the drip – is a dripping tap the newest feature in your bathroom? Get it fixed to avoid wasting thousands of litres of water a year.

Remember to flick the switches when leaving the bathroom and turn off all electrical items.

Including, lights, fans, and personal appliances. Do not leave hairdryers and razors plugged in on standby, as energy is still consumed. Moreover, brighten up your bathroom with LED light bulbs. Switch out traditional incandescent bulbs for LED energy-efficient bulbs, as they use up to 80% LESS power to light up your bathroom.

Do you enjoy a long steamy shower?

Be responsible with your water usage and time it right. Take quick showers, it is recommended to take a four-minute shower to reduce wastage. Long showers are a luxury, not essential – Remember, you are trying to save money. Dial down the temperature of your shower by a few degrees. As noted above, heating water makes up approximately 28% of your home heating bill, which equates to about 12% of the average total household bills.

Moreover, to reduce water wastage, make the switch to an energy-efficient shower head. As it uses much less water, which can save around £45 annually on gas bills, plus you receive improved water pressure! These shower heads only cost around £20 and are easy to fit.

Additionally, ditch the bath. Limit the number of relaxing baths you take and replace them with showers. Swapping just one bath a week to a four-minute shower can save £20 a year… How many baths do you take in one week?

Finally, your boiler.

Do not forget about the appliance used daily to heat all the water you are consuming. When was the last time you got your boiler serviced to ensure it is safe and working efficiently? Book a boiler service with Refresh NI today for just £45.

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