The month of April marks the second anniversary of Refresh NI, we are proud to celebrate our two year anniversary as one of Northern Ireland’s leading One-Stop-Shop home improvement companies. 

Developed A Strong Team

In two years we have developed a strong team with 27 employees, with a skilled workforce of plumbers, joiners, electricians, heating engineers, administrative staff, operative staff, as well as specialists; a marketing officer and a new technical director joining our team in the next few weeks.

Delivered Top Quality Services

Our staff has delivered top-quality services with over 27.5k jobs completed in the last two years, and due to staff training opportunities, we are excited to introduce new services; Heat pump installation, solar PV and battery storage technology.

Established & Developed Successful Brand Partnerships

Refresh NI is proud to provide a range of services for companies such as Alpha Housing, Power NI, Domestic and General and Phoenix Natural Gas.

Refresh NI celebrated our two year anniversary with all of our employees. Our staff received a presentation from Refresh NI’s Managing Director, Bill Cherry, on business performance over the last two years, sharing highlights and what is to come for Refresh NI in the near future. 

Our staff also received a presentation from guest speakers Paul Henry and Stephen Glover from SERC on the key factors affecting properties as we transition to a net zero future and what this means for Refresh NI.

As well as a presentation from Rachel Power from Action Mental Health on personal resilience in today’s climate, sharing tools and techniques with our employees on how to look after and build their resilience. 

Guest speaker Paul Henry from SERC.
Guest speaker Stephen Glover from SERC.
Guest speaker from Action Mental Health.

Our team spent the afternoon having some fun completing various team-building exercises before moving over to Prison Island where all of our staff had a brilliant time completing the various challenges. 

Well done to Natalie, Jim, Josh and Gareth who were the highest-scoring team at Prison Island with a high score of 777! And congratulations to Sammy, Joel, Ryan and Dom who won our marshmallow and spaghetti noodle tower challenge, with their tower being the tallest plus the only one in the room to stand on its own. 

Team Refresh NI at Prison Island
Team Building Challenge Winners.

We would like to say a special thank you to all of our amazing customers, suppliers and contractors who have supported us over the last two years, and of course, our amazing staff who continually work hard and strive for success, we had a brilliant time celebrating our second anniversary and look forward to seeing what is to come for Refresh NI, your One-Stop-Shop for a greener home. 

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