Say Hello To Lewis!

We are back with another Meet The Team Monday, and this week we are introducing another member of our administration team, Lewis Gaw.

Lewis has been at Refresh NI coming up to one year, Lewis quickly settled into office life, which was a big change from his previous role as a shop assistant. 

Lewis works as part of the administration team, communicating with both our customers and engineers, booking appointments, and completing invoicing. 

Let’s get into the interview: 

Starting off simple, tell us how you ended up in your role at Refresh NI?

”I previously worked as a shop assistant in a Spar, I was in that role for three years before I made the decision to join Refresh in April 2022 as an administrative assistant. I took the opportunity to join Refresh as I was intrigued by the heating industry as it is vast with lots of growth opportunities.”

Now you have settled into your role, what do you enjoy most about your position?

”I enjoy the variety of different jobs I can do throughout the day. My tasks vary, from putting jobs out for our engineers, booking in customers, following up leads for Power NI EV surveys, and completing invoicing. No day is the same which is great.”

What three items do you always have on your desk?

”A bottle of water, a cup of coffee and paperwork of course.”

What would you say is one of your ‘bad’ habits?

”Drinking too much coffee for sure.”

Tell us something not many people know about you

”I am a big fan of Formula 1.”

Since joining Refresh, what has been a highlight for you?

”A highlight of my experience so far would definitely be the company away day. At the time, I had only been with the company for a month or so, and this was a great opportunity to get to know everybody!”

What is one addition you would love to make to the office?

”I would have to say, a vending machine!”

If you had the opportunity to swap places with someone in Refresh for a day, who would it be and why?

”Zara our marketing officer, as the marketing side of the company seems like exciting work, plus I could learn more about another aspect of the business.”

If someone made a movie about your life, what would it be titled?

”An Interesting  Journey.”

Finally, we are getting a takeaway, what are you going to order?

”Quite easily a chicken burger meal from the chippy!”

Thank you Lewis for taking part!

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