Today, We Introduce Macauley Toolan.

Macauley is one of our gas engineers and completes a lot of work on behalf of Phoenix Natural Gas, as well as working on heating systems. Macauley has been providing top quality services since July 2021 and is a great addition to team Refresh NI.

Let’s begin with a bit of background, tell us Macauley about your career path and how you got to where you are today?

”I left school at the age of 18 while working part-time in a bar, my mum was torturing me to get into a trade, so I decided to go for a plumbing apprenticeship.

Luckily, I got into a good apprenticeship, serving four years as an apprentice plumbing, heating and gas engineer.

I have been in the trade coming on seven years this year, fitting meters and regulators for Phoenix, while also servicing, and completing breakdowns and repairs on both gas and oil-fired heating systems.”

You have been at Refresh for almost two years, why do you enjoy working here?

”I have known the majority of staff for years, plus everyone helps each other when needed.

It is like one big team working together, from the engineers on the road to everyone in the office with good camaraderie throughout.”

What do you enjoy most about your role as a gas engineer?

”I love that every day is different and I am never in just one place.

I couldn’t sit in the one position all day, it would drive me insane.”

You can make someone your apprentice for the day, who are you choosing?

”Definitely Bill, so I could tell him what to do, make him carry all my  tools and run back and forth to the van a few times.”

Desribe yourself in three words

”Ambitious, hard-working, and all in all, a sound character I would say lol.”

Where is somewhere you have always wanted to visit?

”The USA, especially Florida.”

You have been presented with the opportunity to swap places with someone for the day in Refresh NI, who would you choose?

”This is a tough one… It is between two people…

I would like to swap with Bill so I could stick a few stinking jobs onto his tablet for the day, or else Jack, as every time I see him he is never doing much and always having a laugh.”

Share your ideal weekend off work

”18  holes of golf in the morning, followed by good food and a few beers or cocktails in the evening.”

What would you say is one of your ‘bad’ habits?

”Destroying a Boojum for lunch nearly five days a week, so basically not making lunch and  spending a fortune eating out.”

What three items can always be found in your van?

”Tools, sunglasses, and always a few golf balls lying about.”

You are organising the next staff night out, what are we doing?

”Mini golf, so I can beat everyone at it.” 

If you could pick up any new skill in an instant, what would it be?

”How to make 100 pound notes and get away with it.”

Finally, what three items would  you bring with you to a desert island?

”A knife, a fire lighter and a beautiful woman.”

Thank you Macauley!

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