A Christmas Special Meet The Team Monday!

This week we introduce the real faces behind Refresh NI, the three directors.

The Refresh NI journey began with Jack, Nicola, and Bill back in 2021, when they saw a gap in the market to open Refresh NI. A one-stop-shop business approach, aiming to help make homes across Northern Ireland more energy efficient, providing a full home solution to make a real difference.

Jack, Nicola, and Bill had previously worked together successfully and decided to bring their business approach to life in March 2021 launching Refresh NI, a company that offers innovative, high-quality, and affordable home improvements focused on energy transition.

Refresh NI is a new business, but in just a year and a half, so much has been achieved – with amazing partnerships, a strong team that is continuing to grow, and of course, our developing customer base.

Lets begin with a bit of background –

Bill Cherry, Managing Director. 

Bill is the managing director of Refresh NI, overseeing all of the business operations. Bill is always aware of what is going on in the company, ready to resolve any issues which may arise, and plans all services for the engineers. Bill has many years of experience in this industry which has accelerated the growth of the company. 

Nicola Cherry, Human Resource Director. 

Nicola manages our most important resource, our staff. Nicola ensures our staff feels satisfied within their role, helping to maintain company culture. Nicola also provides advice and guidance for staff, maximizing their performance through courses and training days. Moreover, Nicola recruits the newest members of team Refresh. Nicola has a passion for HR and as a result, all Refresh NI staff are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced. 

Jack Peel, Finance Director. 

Jack manages all financial aspects of the company, approving customer quotes, and overseeing the company’s financial performance, investments, and ventures. Moreover, Jack’s role allows Refresh NI to continue to grow, by monitoring performance and setting budgets.

Next, we asked the three directors a few questions.

Since starting up Refresh NI in 2021, what has been a highlight?

Bill – ”The positive feedback we have received from customers new and old is a big highlight. It has been great to work with a motivated group of individuals who genuinely try to do the best job possible –  and when we get such great feedback, it is fantastic to have their efforts recognized.”

Nicola – ”As a human resource specialist, attracting talent to the organization when it is so new and fresh can be a challenge. I am delighted with the caliber of staff we have, their technical abilities, enthusiasm, and dedication are second to none.”

Jack – ”A highlight for me would have to be the company away day we had at Jungle NI in May. It was great to have the whole team of 30 of us together in one place to share our plans for growing the business, and then to have a bit of craic in the Jungle Olympics.”

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?

Bill – ”I can’t remember back that far… But I have always been driven and focused on work, still even now, there are many who would say I still haven’t fully grown up!”

Nicola – ”Initially, I went to university to become a social worker, but fell into HR in my early 20s and absolutely love it!” 

Jack – ”This is an easy one for me… John Barnes – The brilliant Liverpool left winger of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I admired him as an 8-year-old, I even named my first pet dog ”Barnsey” in honor of the great man.”

Who is the best tea/coffee maker in the office… 

Bill – ”Being the person who never makes tea/coffee in the office, I am not picking any favorites in case it reduces the number of offers to make one in the future!” 

Nicola – ”I drink so much coffee, I will happily accept a cup from anyone who makes it!”

Jack – ”I would first of all like to say, that I enjoy the tea made by all of my colleagues! But if I had to pick one, I would go with Iain, he always makes a good strong cup of tea the way I like it!” 

What do yous find exciting about Refresh? 

”The variety of work we do and how we continue to evolve – our team continues to develop and learn new skills and new technologies. It is exciting how the business can continue to come up with innovative ways to help improve people’s homes – Refresh continues to be cutting edge and that is something that excites us all.”

Finally, what is something yous are proud of since starting up the company?

”We are most proud of the reputation we have built for Refresh NI, for delivering high-quality work and customer service. This is a testament to the pride that all of our team take in doing their job well.”

Thank you!

We hope you got a better understanding of our directors, Jack, Nicola, and Bill. They have achieved so much in just over a year and a half since opening Refresh NI and we cannot wait to see how far the company continues to grow in 2023 – with more staff joining the team, introducing new services, and improving more customers’ homes.

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