Pictured Cameron Watt, Chief Executive of Alpha Housing and Bill Cherry, Managing Director of Refresh NI.

Maintenance and Repair Partnership to deliver first-class repairs for sheltered housing residents. 

One thousand older people living in Alpha Housing across Northern Ireland will benefit from a new partnership between the housing association and Refresh NI. Through the new contract, Refresh will deliver a first-class-day-to-day response repairs service to Alpha tenants.

Refresh had previously been completing plumbing and electrical repairs in Alpha homes. Through the new partnership, this will be extended to a wide range of building works, including joinery, lighting, roofing, and the installation of adaptions for disabled residents.

A charitable housing association founded in 2009, Alpha provides 1,000 homes for older people across Northern Ireland, mainly in 25 sheltered housing developments. Alpha has one of the highest levels of tenant satisfaction in Northern Ireland and is committed to improving this further in collaboration with Refresh. The housing association is also embarking on an ambitious five-year programme to build hundreds of homes to meet a range of  needs.

Refresh NI is a Belfast-based contractor with expertise in providing affordable energy-efficient home improvement services to customers across Northern Ireland. The company’s staff team includes industry experts with over 20 years of experience and comprises a large team of engineers and tradespeople with a  wide variety of skills and qualifications. Team Refresh provides exceptional customer service and after-care. 

On the launch of the new partnership, Bill Cherry, Managing Director of Refresh NI, said:

”Refresh is delighted to be partnering with Alpha Housing as it strives for excellence. Alpha is setting new standards in housing for older people, both in its existing sheltered housing schemes and through new-build developments.


Refresh and Alpha’s values are very similar, with a shared commitment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services where meeting customer needs is always the top priority. We believe this partnership can help set a new benchmark for housing associations’ repair services.”

Cameron Watt, Chief Executive of Alpha Housing, said:

”Alpha is excited to be extending our relationship with Refresh NI. Many landlords struggle to undertake effective day-to-day repairs for tenants. Our residents tell us this is a service that is particularly important for their quality of life.


With Refresh’s support, through the new contract Alpha will consistently provide the first-class repairs service our tenants deserve. Refresh is an excellent contractor. They make and keep appointments; complete repairs to a high standard, usually in a single visit; and they are always pleasant and professional.”

Finally, We are delighted to announce the extension of the existing Maintenance and Repair contract with Alpha Housing. We have been working on various projects with Alpha Housing for over a year. As time has progressed, so has our relationship and workload.

Moreover, We cannot wait to begin this new phase of our relationship with the staff and residents of Alpha Housing, and we will continue to focus on the delivery of a high-quality cost-effective service where the needs of the residents are integral to our delivery model.

Furthermore, for more information, please contact Eimear Curran at Open Strategic Communications.

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Cameron Watt, Chief Executive of Alpha Housing, Zara Burns, Marketing Officer at Refresh NI and Bill Cherry, Managing Director at Refresh NI.

Pictured Cameron Watt, Chief Executive of Alpha Housing, Zara Burns, Marketing Officer at Refresh NI and Bill Cherry, Managing Director at Refresh NI.