We are back with another Testimonial Tuesday Meet Jill.

Jill is one of our recent highly satisfied customers after we upgraded her home heating system by providing an oil-to-gas conversion, with the additional help of the Phoenix Efficiency Plus NISEP Scheme.

We recently paid Jill a follow-up visit to find out how she has been getting on following her oil-to-gas conversion. Jill was initially unsure about the conversion process, as she did not know what heating system she needed in her home.  All she knew was her boiler was old, and she needed a new one. Through the assistance of Refresh NI and Phoenix Natural Gas, Jill was provided with the confidence and knowledge she needed to make the switch, with all questions answered and concerns put to rest.

‘’Hi Jill, in your opinion, what was the highlight of the conversion process?’’

‘’I like how the water is nice and hot, I now have nice warm showers.

But I also love how much extra space I have at my property, in fact, I am actually getting an extension put on to my kitchen. This is something I never thought was possible as my oil tank was big and took up a lot of space.

I also loved how everything was completed in one day, there is a good team in place to get the job done in a timely manner.’’

‘’Do you think anything could have gone better?’’

‘’Nothing. I thought the guys were fantastic, I really could not get over it. Usually, you find tradesmen dragging out a service, but the Refresh guys were so efficient. I am very pleased’’

‘’What made you want to make the switch to natural gas?’’

‘’Other than having an old boiler, it was becoming more and more of a hassle to get my oil tank refilled. Due to the location of my property, I always had to be at home and plan when my tank was to be refilled.

I was also on a top-up service, however, this failed me a few times and I was left with no heating, even though the point of this service was to ‘never run out. Although, I knew once I converted to Natural Gas it would be a continuous supply, which reassured me I would not be left cold.’’

‘’Did you have any concerns about Natural Gas?’’

‘’Yes I did, with the uncertainty over future plans for removing Natural Gas from homes in Northern Ireland, I initially did not see a point in converting to Natural Gas. However, once I approached Phoenix, they told me that the transition away from Natural Gas would be gradual and was likely to take place over the next 10-15 years at least.

They also told me that my new boiler would be hydrogen ready – meaning I would be able to continue to use it for its full life without needing  to replace the system, should we change from natural gas to a natural gas/hydrogen blend – so my concerns were put to rest’’

‘’Finally, would you recommend Refresh NI?’’

‘’I cannot see how anyone who has received a service from Refresh could not be happy. I have already recommended you to a friend and passed on your details.’’

 ‘’Thank you, Jill, we really appreciate the feedback.’’

To Conclude, Converting to Natural Gas is the way to go – could you imagine, like Jill, having an extension added to your property? Never fear running out and being left in the cold? Do you want continuous access to instant heat and hot water?

Moreover, Testimonial Tuesdays provide us with the opportunity to allow YOU to put yourself in Jill’s shoes and imagine how your lifestyle could change with these added benefits.

With Refresh NI, you can too can avail of these benefits. We complete our oil-to-gas conversion services in just one day. Don’t wait any longer get in contact with us today and arrange a survey.

If you have any questions or queries, get in touch with us.


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