Everything you need to know about the EO Mini Pro 2 and more!

Are you already an electric vehicle (EV) owner, or considering switching your existing petrol or diesel vehicle to one? Either way, this is the blog for you!

We are working in partnership with Power NI to bring safe, smart, and simple charging units to customers across Northern Ireland. In both commercial and domestic properties. Moving away from combustion engine vehicles and embracing the new technology of EVs will not only help motorists reduce their carbon footprint and help save the environment. But, it may help save money as well, as EV running costs are significantly lower than those of petrol and diesel-engine cars.  These savings could be further enhanced if you combine a smart home charging unit (like the EO Mini Pro 2) with the reduced rates offered by the Power NI specialist EV Tariff.

So, why choose the EO Mini Pro 2 charging unit over other home charging units?

The EO Mini Pro 2 is safe. The unit is home power balancing ready with a locking feature, preventing others from using your charging unit if you are not at home.

Moreover, the charging unit is discreet and smart. It is designed for use by the everyday EV driver.  You can monitor your energy usage via the smartphone app and start, stop and schedule your charging sessions.  This is a key benefit which enables you to take full advantage of the flexible electricity tariffs offered by our partners, Power NI.  The EO Mini Pro 2 makes charging easy, helping you monitor your energy usage and allowing you to control when you charge, all from the palm of your hand. 

For more information on the Power NI EV rates, click here. 

Additionally, the unit has dynamic load management with the ability to balance multiple electric units in a home, reducing the amount of energy consumed at once. This could help reduce monthly energy bills and pressure on your home. The built-in power balancing prevents blackouts at home, by adjusting the charging output when other high-voltage energy appliances are in use.

The charger is simple to use.  Plug in, charge, and go. You do not have to wait around to put your vehicle on or off charge, simply use the app (The EO Smart Home app).

The Charger Details :

EO Mini Pro 2 Charger Details

The EO Mini Pro 2 is the world’s smallest smart home charger, designed for the use of every day EV drivers. The charging unit itself is small and compact – it is about the size of an A5 notebook which is perfect for EV drivers who are design conscious, these units are certainly not an eye sore.

The charger itself is highly durable and ready for any weather conditions, perfect for Northern Ireland – IP54 certified and operates in -25°C temperatures. The unit can be wall or post-mounted, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

Click here for the EO Mini Pro 2 User Guide 

Where does Refresh NI come into play with this?

Refresh NI offers the standard installation package, consisting of a free survey, product and work warranties, and charger installation.

During the customer survey, our electrical manager will identify where the charger will be situated on the wall, and the chargers connection route, calculate the cost of installation and answer any further queries.

The next step is the installation process, where one of our highly skilled and qualified electricians carries out the installation of your charger in the agreed location at your property. This process is completed in just one day, we take the stress off your hands and install the charging unit hassle-free. Once the unit is mounted on the wall, you are ready to charge.

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