10 Reasons why now is the time you made the switch from Oil to Gas

Natural gas has been available to consumers in Northern Ireland for over 25 years, and the gas network continues to expand. So far, around 321,674 customers in Northern Ireland have switched to natural gas. However, a majority of Northern Ireland homeowners have access to the gas network but are yet to make the switch. In this article, we explore 10 reasons why now is the time for you to make the swap oil for natural gas.

1. Never Run Out

Picture the scene… It’s a dark, cold Winter’s night – the rain is coming down sideways and your heating has just stopped working.  You have to put on your coat, go out to try and find the brush shaft and dip the oil tank – and yep, you have ran out of oil again.  At best, it’s a frantic search for a supplier who can get you a fill quickly.  At worst, sludge from the bottom of your tank has got into your system, and it’s an expensive repair.

If you make the change to natural gas you can make this a thing of the past.  Natural gas provides you with a constant and reliable supply of energy, which means you never have to worry about running out of fuel or ordering it again.

2. Kinder To The Environment

Switching from oil to natural gas can help you make a real impact by significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Natural gas is much kinder to the environment than oil – and by switching your home heating from oil to natural gas you can immediately reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 48%.  On average, by converting from oil to natural gas a typical household will reduce their CO2 emissions by around 4 tonnes per year. 

In addition, by connecting to the gas network you are connecting to a fuel network which is likely to get even cleaner over the coming years.  All of the gas distribution networks in Northern Ireland are actively working on facilitating the use of the existing natural gas network to distribute lower-emission fuel. 

Most major gas boiler manufacturers (Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi) currently offer ranges which are equipped to run on a 20%/80% hydrogen / natural gas blend – so the new natural gas boiler you have fitted now will last you through the next stage of the journey to net zero.

3. Affordable To Convert To Natural Gas

The cost of converting from oil to natural gas starts from just £3,500. By comparison, if you were to replace your existing 15 year-old oil boiler with a new oil boiler – it could cost you a similar amount, ensuring your oil system was up to current standards.

Changes in Building Control and fire safety Regulations mean customers replacing existing oil systems often need to relocate their oil tank and install expensive fire-barrier walls.  Therefore if your boiler tank also needs to be replaced – the total cost of your replacement oil system is likely to be more than the cost of converting to natural gas. 

With natural gas, there are a number of offers available to help fund the cost of conversion.  Your local gas distribution Network (Phoenix Natural Gas, Firmus Energy or SGN) will have full details of the current offers available in your area. Current offers include the Phoenix Energy Carbon Reduction Grant. 

In addition there are a number of government and public funded grant schemes available to help those on lower incomes to convert from oil to natural gas.  These include the Affordable Warmth Scheme (AWS) which offers a grant to cover the full cost of conversion, and the Northern Ireland Sustainable Energy Programme (NISEP) which offers a mix of fully-funded and part funded grants.

For details on the NISEP Scheme, please visit https://refreshni.com/nisep-scheme-details/. For details on the Affordable Warmth Scheme (AWS) please visit: https://www.nihe.gov.uk/Housing-Help/Affordable-Warmth-Boiler-Replacement.


4. Cheaper Mortgage Rates

Moving from oil to natural gas improves your home’s energy efficiency, which will often result in an improvement in your home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. This is particularly true when conversion to natural gas heating is combined with improved insulation measures.

Many mortgage lenders are now offering preferential rates to homeowners whose properties have the highest EPC ratings.  To qualify for a ‘Green Mortgage’, customers must take out their mortgage on a home which has a high energy-efficiency rating of A-C.

5. Save Space In Your Home & Garden

By fitting a natural gas combination boiler you can remove your bulky water storage cylinder and costly immersion heater. This could give you the additional space in your bathroom to install a new walk-in shower or create additional storage space. 

Natural gas heating also means your home will be connected directly to the gas mains, so you no longer require a bulky and unappealing oil tank in your garden. The precious space gained can be developed into something more useful, such as parking, or perhaps a barbecue and patio area for summer dining.

6. Instant Heat

Natural gas heating makes your home warm and cosy in an instant. The highly efficient gas boiler is much quicker than an old oil system.  Not only is this more convenient for you, but it helps to save the amount of energy you use and therefore reduces your energy bills.

7. Constant Hot Water

No more costly immersion heaters or fights for the shower. Natural gas gives you access to instantaneous hot water when you need it.

8. More Efficient

Converting your old oil boiler to natural gas will make your home much more energy efficient.  A 15-year old boiler is typically 60% efficient compared to a new ‘A’ rated natural gas boiler which works at over 90% efficiency.  Not only is this kinder to the environment but it will save you money on your energy bills.

9. Flexible Payment On Your Fuel Bills

You no longer need to worry about lump sum fuel payments.  With gas you can choose monthly or quarterly payment options, or opt for a pay-as-you-go meter and top up as and when you need.

10. Adaptable

Natural gas is not just for central heating. It can be used for cooking and many other home appliances including tumble drying, focal point fires, instantaneous water heaters and barbecues.

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