Despite the recent much-publicized increase in natural gas prices –Natural Gas remains a cheaper and greener heating source than home heating oil for householders in Northern Ireland.

Consumers with old inefficient Oil boilers who have access to the Natural Gas Network should not let the recent increase in natural gas tariffs deter them from making the switch.

A 15-year-old Oil Boiler is, according to Which? Magazine, on average around 55-65% efficient compared to a new highly efficient natural gas boiler which is typically around 94%  In addition, by combining a highly efficient natural gas boiler with improved Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation and other energy efficiency measures such as Smart Heating Controls – homeowners can significantly reduce the amount of energy they need to use to heat their homes.

  1. Converting from Oil to Natural Gas is STILL likely to result in REDUCED Heating Bills

 Despite the recent increase in natural gas prices – we estimate that converting from an old, inefficient Oil Boiler to a modern efficient Natural Gas boiler is still likely to save the average Northern Irish household around £246 per year in their energy bills.

Based upon the new October 2021 SSE Airtricity Domestic Tariff – the average annual gas bill for a 3-bedroom home 1 will be around £626.32 per annum.

By comparison, based upon an average household usage of 2 x 900 litre fills per annum and the current average home heating oil price of 48.4p per litre2, the average annual heating oil bill would be £871.20.

Although there was significant press attention on the increase in the natural gas price, it is worth remembering that home heating oil prices have also risen considerably over the last 9 months.  Since 1 January 2021, average home heating oil prices in NI have risen by 44.37%from 33.58p on Jan 21 to 48.48p on Sep 21.  However because home heating oil is not a regulated industry, these price rises occur daily and hence attract less media attention.

1 using the average 12,000 k/wh usage of gas per annum

2 based on data from leading heating oil price comparison site

  1. Natural Gas is a Greener Fuel than Home Heating Oil

On top of these cost savings, by switching to natural gas customers can reduce their carbon emissions by up to 50%4 as natural gas is a much greener fuel than Heating Oil.

New Gas boilers fitted by Refresh are also equipped to run on a 20% Hydrogen / 80% Natural Gas mix – so they will be ready for the journey to net zero and the transition from Natural Gas to lower carbon Hydrogen gas in the years to come.

4source – Phoenix Natural Gas website

  1. Installing Improved Insulation and Other Energy Efficiency Measures along with your new boiler will further reduce your fuel consumption and energy bills

By improving your home’s energy efficiency – you will need to use less energy to keep your home warm.  Installing Loft Insulation can save the average home £155 per annum on their home heating bill3 whilst installing Cavity Wall Insulation could save on average £170 per annum3

Installation of other energy efficiency measures offered by Refresh, such as Smart Heating Controls, LED Lighting, and Endotherm central heating additive will provide further energy bill savings.

3source – / Energy Savings Trust and installing 300mm insulation

  1. Natural Gas offers a host of other benefits in comfort and convenience
  • Never run out of oil again
  • Instant Heat
  • Constant Hot Water
  • No need for bulky Oil or Water Tanks