Battery Storage FAQ

Learn more about battery storage technology as we answer popular questions regarding storing surplus renewable energy supply at home.

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Below we have answered our most frequently asked questions when it comes to battery storage technology, providing you with all the additional information you may need in one area.

Question :  Why should I consider battery storage technology for my solar PV system? 

Answer :

Battery storage technology is the answer to grid independence, reduced electrical costs and a supply of energy in the event of a power cut. 

Battery storage compliments domestic solar PV by storing excess energy produced during the day instead of returning this surplus supply to the national grid. 

Question :  How does the  battery storage system work?

Answer :

During Day-Time : 

The solar PV system generates green energy during the daytime from the sun.

The storage system will check if all energy generated is used to power your home. If not, the system will direct the surplus supply to the battery instead of to the national grid. 

Once the battery system is fully charged and additional electricity is generated, this will be sold to the grid. 

During Night-Time / Periods of low solar generation : 

The battery will release stored electricity, providing your home with a clean and green energy source.

If you use all stored energy and require additional electricity, this can be purchased from your electricity supplier.

Question : Can I use the battery storage system to charge other devices? 

Answer :

Homeowners will not be able to attach/plug in other devices directly to the battery storage system.

Although, the battery storage system will deliver the stored energy through home electrical points, allowing homeowners to avail of the green renewable energy their home generates. 

Question : What are the benefits of battery storage technology / How much could I save?

Answer :

The benefits you receive vary from household to household, as benefits depend on various factors such as location, size of the solar system and energy plan. 

One of the main benefits of battery storage is lower energy bills, as energy generated from the solar system is stored and used for free. Therefore, instead of depending on electricity suppliers, you have energy independence.

Moreover, homeowners may be able to use stored energy from the battery when energy prices are at their highest. 

Question : Will battery storage reduce my carbon footprint?

Answer :

Yes, your carbon footprint will be reduced by storing energy generated by renewable sources e.g. the sun through solar PV systems. Furthemore, by availing of this green supply in the evening, you are off-setting fossil fuels and reducing grid dependence.

Question : Where can the storage system installed?

Answer :

Battery storage systems are designed to be wall/ground mounted.

Although, during the free no obligation home survey, our surveyor will discuss the appropriate installation location as this varies from household to household.  

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