Battery Storage

Battery Storage Technology

Store renewable energy generated by your solar panels and reduce your reliance on the power grid




What Is Battery Storage?

A battery storage system allows you to easily store excess energy generated by your solar panels during the day and powers your home later in the evening when you would typically be reliant on the electricity grid.

Uses Of Battery Storage




Battery Costs


How Does Battery Storage Work?

Throughout the day, solar panels generate energy from sunlight to provide power to your home. Any excess energy that is generated will be saved in your battery storage system. In the evening when your panels stop producing energy, your home will still be powered by the stored energy in the battery. Only when the battery is fully depleted will your home switch to using grid power.

Battery storage during the day time vs during night time

Battery Storage FAQ’s

Is it worth having battery storage?

Having a battery installed alongside your solar panels is not essential. However this does allow you to easily store excess energy generated by your panels throughout the day. This means you have free energy to use in your home throughout the evening, helping to save money and reduce your reliance on the electricity grid. 

How much does a battery cost?

We offer solar and battery packages starting from just £6,750, or battery only packages from just £1,999. 

Can I add a battery to my existing solar system?

You can easily fit a battery to an existing solar system. This is a great way to further reduce your energy bills and make the most of excess energy generated by your panels. 

What brand of battery do you install?

At Refresh we install Sunsynk 5.32kW batteries.