Heat Pump FAQ

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Below we have answered our most frequently asked questions when it comes to heat pump installation, providing you with additional information you require in one area.

Question :  How long should heat pumps last?

Answer :

The average lifespan for a heat pump is between 15-20 years if well maintained, this is twice as long as a boiler’s lifespan!

Question :  Is there only one type of heat pump?

Answer :

No, there are in fact three different types of heat pumps. 

1. Air Source Heat Pump – These heat pumps use external temperature to extract heat and can operate in lower temperatures. 

2. Ground Source Heat Pump – Use a system which is embedded in the ground to extract heat. Therefore, sufficient land is required to allow the installation of a ground array/borehole system. 

3. Water Source Heat Pump – This system uses a system embedded in a water source to extract heat, this is a very reliable source due to consistent water temperatures outside. 

Question : Why does steam come out of heat pumps on cold days?

Answer :

Steam is released as the heat pump is in the defrost cycle. Meaning, the outdoor fan stops to increase the temperature and ease the ice melting whilst the heat pump converts to conditioning mode. 

Question : Do I need to insulate my home?

Answer :

Yes, your home needs to be well insulated if you are considering the installation of a heat pump. 

Although, generally homes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)  rating of D or above, with at least a few insulation measures such as cavity wall or loft insulation should be sufficiently insulated for heat pump installation. 

Click here, for further information on Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) provided by the Energy Saving Trust.

Question : If I convert to a heat pump, do I have to change all my radiators? 

Answer :

Heat pumps run at a lower temperature, therefore, your home may require more or larger radiators to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. 

However, in many homes, existing radiators are sufficient for heat pump installation. Although, at the time of the survey, our surveyor will confirm if radiator upgrades/replacement is necessary. 

Question : Will a heat pump help save on heating bills?

Answer :

How a heat pump will affect your heating bill is dependent on a range of factors such as: 


  • Fuel type you are replacing, and how much this fuel type costs. 
  • The type of heat pump you choose and the level of efficiency.
  • The design of your existing heating system.
  • The average air/ground temperature throughout the year.
  • Chosen electricity tariff
  • Location of your property.

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