Boiler Service Frequently Asked Questions

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Below we have answered our most frequently asked questions when it comes to boiler servicing, providing you with all the information you may need. 

Question : What happens during a boiler service?

Answer :

During the service, a Gas Safe or OFTEC registered engineer will inspect, test and clean the main parts of your boiler. This ensures all components are working safely and efficiently and allows issues to be identified at an early stage.

Pipework will be inspected, seals examined, pressure and flue will be checked, moreover the burner and heat exchanger will also be checked.

Question : Can you service your own boiler?

Answer :

No, it is illegal to service your own boiler. Servicing your own boiler is not safe, it is crucial for your safety to seek professional help when it comes to your boiler.

If you have a Gas boiler, only a Gas Safe Registered engineer should work on your boiler.

If you have an Oil boiler, it should be serviced by an OFTEC Registered engineer.

All Refresh NI engineers are both Gas Safe and OFTEC registered.

Question : How do I know my boiler needs serviced? 

Answer :

There are many signs your boiler needs to be serviced;

  • If you can’t remember the last time you had your boiler serviced, then it is time.
  • If your boiler is leaking, it is an indication the boiler is not operating efficiently.
  • Boiler unit is slow at heating up.
  • The boiler unit is starting to make noises.

Question : Is booking a boiler service a legal requirement? 

Answer :

There is no legal requirement for homeowners to have an annual boiler service. Although, it is strongly advised, as an annual service maintains boiler warranty and provides peace of mind the boiler is fit for purpose.

However, if you are a landlord, it is a legal requirement for the boiler in your rented property to have the flue system and boiler serviced on an annual basis.

Question : How much does a boiler service cost?

Answer :

Refresh NI service both Oil and Gas boilers for £45. This price is inclusive of VAT and a Gas Safety certificate.

Question : How often should a boiler be serviced?

Answer :

It is advised to have your boiler serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe engineer.

An annual service is regular enough to keep your boiler in good working condition.

Furthermore, having your boiler serviced on an annual basis ensures your boiler warranty is protected.

Question : How long does a Gas Boiler service last? 

Answer :

A Boiler Service can take up to 45 minutes to complete.

The length of time a boiler service takes will depend on the age, make, and model of the boiler. 

Question : What happens if you don’t service your boiler?

Answer :

The boiler will be less efficient, therefore consuming more energy.

Furthermore, faults will not be found at an early stage, which could lead to a much larger and more costly repair.

Moreover, many manufacturers invalidate boiler warranty if the unit is not serviced once a year. 

Question : Why do I need to maintain my boiler warranty? 

Answer :

A Boiler Warranty covers your boiler in the event of faults or breakdowns which may occur within the warranty period, the warranty period depends on the boiler brand and model installed. If your boiler breaks down during the covered warranty period, the manufacturer will cover repair or replace the boiler. 

To maintain Boiler Warranty a boiler, the boiler must be serviced annually by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. 

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