If you depend on the public EV charging infrastructure, now is the time to switch to EV home charging. 

Don’t pay 49p per kWh to publicly charge your EV, instead install a home charge point with Refresh NI and pay 16.9p per kWh, it is a no-brainer.

The latest announcement from ESB states that come the end of April 2023, all electric vehicle owners in Northern Ireland will have to start paying to charge their electric vehicles at public charging stations. 

Charging your vehicle relying on the public charging infrastructure will now come at a cost with two options available for NI EV owners; pay as you go, at a rate of 49p per kWh or membership, at a rate of 46p per kWh plus a £5 monthly subscription. 

This new policy comes into place to prevent charge unit misuse by members of the public from overstaying. As well as implementing a unit rate of charge, there will be an additional overstay fee to prevent these long unnecessary overstays. 

Save money when you switch to EV home charging. 

Once you install your home charge point, you can switch to a designated EV tariff. 

An example of an EV tariff for electric vehicle owners in Northern Ireland would be the Power NI EV Nightshift tariff. This tariff offers a reduced rate of charge during off peak-periods which alternate in summer and winter when there is less energy demand. For example, between the hours of 1 am and 7 am. 

Although, due to smart app connectivity, you can schedule charging sessions to commence from the touch of a button, you do not have to leave the comfort of your bed to benefit from a lower rate of charge at 1 am. 

For further information on Power NI’s reduced EV Nightshift tariff, click the button below. 

In the table below we have compared the cost per kWh to charge your electric vehicle at a public station vs using a private home charge point using a reduced EV tariff. 

Electric Vehicle Charging prices public vs private using a reduced EV tariff. </p>
<p>Public - Pay as you go, 49p per kWh or membership rate, 46p per kWh.</p>
<p>Private using Power NI EV Nightshift tariff - Day rate, 34.6p per kWh or Night rate, 16.9p per kWh.

As you can see from the table above, private home charging using a reduced EV tariffs such as the Power NI EV Nightshift rate is much more affordable and cuts the price of charging publicly by more than half.

Charge now and pay later with Refresh NI.

Why pay a £5 membership fee plus the high price per kWh to charge publicly, when you can pay as little as £9.70* per week to have a smart home charge unit installed with Refresh NI?

Refresh NI offer finance options on all available home charge units, allowing you to spread the cost of your home charge unit with no large upfront costs. 

You can spread the cost of your chosen smart home unit with 24 monthly payments of £54.72* or 36 monthly payments of £38.80* (Terms and Conditions apply). 

For further information on our available finance units, click the button below.

Drive away from the public charging infrastructure and install your private home charge point.

You may be aware there are many benefits of EV home charging, one of many being increased convenience, with the ability to charge your vehicle overnight and waking up to your vehicle recharged and ready for the road. Another benefit includes increased safety as you are charging from home, the potential public dangers such as vandalism are removed. 

Free EV charging in Northern Ireland will come to a stop at the end of April 2023, now is the time to get in contact with Refresh NI to book your free no obligation home survey. 

The home survey allows our electrician to determine if your property is a standard or non-standard installation, allowing you to receive an accurate quotation for the work needed.

Moreover, get in contact with Refresh NI if you require further information on electric vehicle home charging or finance options available, our team will be more than happy to help.

All Refresh NI electricians are NICEIC approved to supply and install various home charge units across Northern Ireland to the highest standard, helping to improve the energy efficiency of homes by providing a range of energy-efficient home improvement services.

However, we cannot install EV charge points at properties without off-street parking due to health and safety hazards.

Trust Refresh NI, your local one-stop-shop energy efficient home improvement specialists.