Solar Panel Installation FAQ

Discover more about solar panel installation as we address common frequently asked questions. 

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Below we have answered our most frequently asked questions when it comes to installing solar panels, providing you with some additional information to assist you in the decision making process.  

Question :  How long will my solar panel installation last?

Answer :

Solar panels should last for 25 years at least. 

The inverter is the only moving part of the system, although, this part alone should last for at least 10 years! 

Question : How do solar panels connect to the electrical supply in my home?

Answer :

Electricity produced by the solar panels is converted from DC (Direct Current) by the inverter to AC (Alternating Current) which provides your home with an electrical supply.

Question : Once I install solar panels can my home come off grid?

Answer :

To become off-grid, a battery storage system would have to be installed to store excess energy generated from the solar PV  system. As the panels alone will not generate enough energy to supply your home for 24 hours.

Battery storage will supply your home with a green supply of energy at night time or periods with low solar generation. 

Question : What other renewable technologies work well with solar PV?

Answer :

Of course, battery storage technology is the best combination for solar.

However, heat pump technology also works well with solar PV to provide heat and hot water to your home. 

Question : What is the typical payback period for a residential solar panel system?

Answer :

The typical payback period is 8-9 years for a residential solar panel installation.

Moreover, you can finance the cost of your installation with Refresh NI with no deposit, as well customers can choose their repayment period. 

Question : What are the financial benefits of solar?

Answer :

Firstly, you can save money on energy bills, as well as protect yourself against rising electricity costs in the future. Although, the amount you can save is dependent on utility rates and solar policies.

Question : Is my roof suitable for solar? 

Answer :

Southern-facing roofs with little to no shade are ideal for solar installation.

However, at the time of survey, our surveyor can determine the suitability of your home. 

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