Natural Gas Appliance Service and Repair

Refresh NI service and repair almost all natural gas appliances across Northern Ireland, including hobs, fireplaces, and tumble dryers.

Natural Gas does more than just heat your home, you can create the perfect ambiance in your home by installing a natural gas fire. Your clothes can be dried to perfection by installing a natural gas tumble dryer. Moreover, you can cook your meals with complete control with natural gas cooktops, ovens, ranges, and stoves.

Discover The Many Benefits Of Natural Gas Appliances.

There are many benefits of natural gas appliances, natural gas provides more than a constant supply to your property.

Natural gas is highly efficient, clean and reliable, providing comfort to your home with some savings too.

Food Cooked To Perfection

Temperature Control

Cook your food to perfection, as natural gas can be easily adjusted and controlled.

There is a reason why 97% of chefs prefer to cook their dishes on a natural gas stove… Full control is just one of the many reasons why. 

Lower Energy Costs

You do not have to wait for the hob to heat up as you receive instant heat, therefore food does not take as long to cook. Therefore, not as much energy is required.

Moreover, heat is distributed evenly, allowing food to cook in a time-efficient manner.

Furthermore, cooking with natural gas costs half as much compared to cooking with electricity.

Versatile and Flexible Cooking

If you are thinking of converting to a natural gas hob, there is no need for a new set of pots and pans as any pot or pan is compatible with natural gas. 

Cooking on natural gas hob

Dry Your Clothes In An Instant

Save On Running Costs

Natural Gas runs hotter than electric, as a result, your clothes will dry in a shorter time period. 

Drying your clothes with Natural Gas is more affordable, as clothes take less time to dry therefore reducing the amount of energy required.

Furthermore, through reduced energy consumption, carbon emissions are reduced.

Ready When You Need It

Natural Gas is ready when you are with a constant supply running straight to your property.

Moreover, Natural Gas is extremely reliable as it is functional at all times, even during power outages.

Drying laundry with natural gas tumble machine

Create The Perfect Ambience

Keep Your Home Warm and Cosy

Heating your home has never been easier, simply use the on/off button on your gas fire and you will receive an instant and constant supply of gas to heat your room.

Clean and Tidy

Did you know natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel?

Moreover, natural gas fires require less maintenance compared to wood fires as no firewood or other fuels are used to operate.


Natural Gas releases fewer fumes compared to wood-fired fireplaces.

Moreover, heat is directed to the room you want to heat, therefore you are not wasting energy and money heating rooms which are unused.

Natural Gas Fireplace.

Service Your Natural Gas Appliances With Refresh NI. 

Gas Appliance Service Belfast and Beyond.

Refresh NI can keep your home Gas Safe by servicing both oil and natural gas boilers across Northern Ireland.

All of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered, so you can trust your gas appliances in our engineer’s hands.

Natural gas appliance servicing ensures your appliance is safe for use by conducting an inspection and cleaning components. Moreover, appliance servicing allows for problems to be identified earlier, increasing the appliance lifespan as efficiency is maintained.

What is included in a gas appliance service? 

A visual examination of the gas appliance, and components will then be checked and cleaned, a pressure test will then be completed, followed by a check for leaks. 

For further information on how you can connect to the natural gas grid in Northern Ireland, visit the Phoenix Natural Gas website. Refresh NI are approved Phoenix Natural Gas installers.