Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Power Your Tomorrow With Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Say Hello To Hassle-Free Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Refresh NI is a smart electric vehicle home charging installation company.

Refresh NI aim to provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable solution services to EV owners across Northern Ireland. Moreover, we offer both domestic and commercial EV charge point installations across Northern Ireland.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Choose an EV home charge unit which suits you and your vehicle's needs, we stock a range of high-quality charging units.

Electric Vehicle Key Benefits

Benefits of installing a home EV charge point.


Top up your electric vehicle charge at home with your smart electric vehicle home charger and stop depending on the public charging infrastructure. Charge your EV when you need it, at a time which suits you.

Lower Cost

You will notice a saving once you move from public charge points to private domestic, as you can benefit from cheaper electricity rates on select EV car tariffs.

Click Here, for further information on Power NI EV Nightshift Tariff.

Moreover, with Refresh NI you can finance the cost of your home electric vehicle charger, for more information, Click Here.

Increase The Value of Your Property

The research found properties with the installation of a home EV charger increased property values by 30% on average.

Future-proof your property when you install a home charge unit, electric vehicles are the future!

Hassle-Free Install

The installation process with Refresh NI is quick and easy, as we are professionals in this field.

All of our electricians are NICEIC Approved and can install your new home EV Charger in just one day.

On the day of installation, our electrician will explain all features of the charging unit and provide an opportunity for any questions to be asked, providing you with peace of mind.

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Future proof & increase the value of your property.

Maintain Warranty

Protect the environment with renewable energy solutions and reduce your carbon footprint.

Money Saving

Spread the cost of your installation with our available finance options.

View our finance options here.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging FAQ

Should I choose a Tethered or Untethered Charging unit?

Choosing between tethered and untethered depends on your personal preference.

Factors to consider include : 

– Convenience

– Flexibility

– Cable Length

– Cost

Can you install an EV Home Charge Point if you don't have a driveway?

An Electric Vehicle Home Charger Point can only be fitted if you have designated parking. As it can become a health and safety hazard if the charging lead is across a footpath, due to risk of entanglement and trip hazards.

How do you prevent others from using your charging unit?

You have complete control of who accesses your charging unit and when.

Many charging units have locking features that restrict access to the unit.

Additionally, if you have a wall charger, you can switch it off completely at the isolator switch.

Furthermore, you can set a scheduled charge for 0%, this can then be switched on when you need to use the unit.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging Gallery

To install your very own domestic home charging station, get in contact with Refresh NI today.

Refresh NI are your local EV charge point installers and NICEIC Approved.